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Southwest Spine & Rehab in Mesa is a multi-disciplinary medical practice in Mesa, Arizona, specializing in chiropractic, spinal decompression, spinal adjustments, shockwave therapy, regenerative therapies, physical therapy, massage therapy, and muscle joint rehab.
With over 350 5-star reviews online, and award winning service according to both Expertise and Three Best Rated, you can trust that you are picking an established, reputable, and recognized provider of chiropractic services, emergency care, physical therapy, sports medicine, and pain management services.

This practice offers on-site access to diagnostic imaging, as well as onsite physical therapy and blood work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step to a healthier and pain-free life!

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Southwest Spine & Rehab is a top-rated clinic in Mesa that offers chiropractic care and more. Southwest Spine provides many different treatments and services including chiropractic and physical therapy for those suffering from back pain or hip discomfort. The goal at this medical facility isn’t just to fix your symptoms but rather solve the root problem causing them – which means you’ll be able to get on track with living life again more easily than ever before! To learn more about this practice, check out our reviews here.

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A chiropractic adjustment is a natural drug free treatment that will restore joint function, increase mobility, and alleviate pain.
Schedule an appointment with an experienced chiropractor today and see for yourself why chiropractic adjustments are the number one choice for back and neck pain treatment