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Mesa Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care & Pain Management

Southwest Spine & Rehab Chiropractic is a local, community and patient-focused chiropractic care clinic in Mesa, AZ. Southwest Spine specializes in providing effective pain management for many concerns with a holistic care approach. 

Dr. Taylor and his highly reviewed team treat a number of conditions, including:

Mesa Chiropractor, Dr. Taylor, demonstrates what an injured disc (or disc herniation) looks like and how the pain is caused from the nerve being pushed against from the disc injury. This is a common reason for back or neck pain, especially if the symptoms are a result of certain movements or strains like lifting, bending, or any other physical activity.

Dr. performs a chiropractic adjustment on a patient that has been experiencing neck and back pain as well lower back tightness. Chiropractic adjustments are a natural, drug-free approach to helping patients alleviate pain, gain more mobility, and improve overall quality of life. 

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Southwest Spine & Rehab Chiropractic is a chiropractic care clinic located in East Mesa, on the corner of Guadalupe and Ellsworth, just off the 202 San Tan Freeway (Click for Directions).

Dr. Scott Taylor

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Dr. Scott Taylor is a highly rated chiropractor in Mesa, Arizona. Along with the friendly, approachable team at Southwest Spine & Rehab, Dr. Taylor offers targeted chiropractic care to treat back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscular tension, and more. Whether your back pain is the result of an auto accident, acute injury, a chronic pain issue, or you suffer from any other back, joint, or spine issue, Dr. Taylor provides an accurate diagnosis and treats the underlying issue, not just your symptoms.

During your first visit, Dr. Taylor explains how chiropractic care works and patiently answers any questions you may have. Next, he takes your medical history and conducts a thorough evaluation. Finally, Dr. Taylor works with you to develop a care plan focused on treating your specific issue and helping you meet your wellness goals.

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Muscle & Joint Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Sports Injury Care and Rehabilitation, Auto Accident Care and Rehabilitation, and Spinal Decompression. Don’t decide to tolerate the pain. Call or make an appointment online today. Begin feeling better now!

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I was referred here after a car accident (and subsequently putting off any medical treatment for months). The first thing they said was I needed an MRI and were shocked that neither the EMTs or the urgent care I went to suggested I get one. Went and got that, set up a treatment plan, and have been making lots of improvement! Friendliest staff around! Seriously always a pleasure to come in and see everyone- especially since I’m here 3x a week- so nice to always feel welcome! ... seriously... why is everyone always in a good mood?! AWESOME!
I have been involved in multiple car accidents (not my fault) and Dr. Scott Taylor at Southwest Spine and Rehab has always been my go to Chiropractor. Dr. Taylor has taken the time to fully understand the scope of my injuries, and with his knowledge/skills has improved my low back pain. Appreciate all the help getting me back on my feet again!!
Amy Winter