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Southwest Spine & Rehab in Mesa Reviews:

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Mesa chiropractor, Dr. Scott Taylor

Dr. Taylor specializes in interventional pain management and chiropractic manipulation. Dr. Taylor completed his training in the field of manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) to help those suffering from chronic or subacute pain. Dr. Taylor takes a holistic approach to care, doing whatever it takes to help patients along the path to a pain-free life.
If you are a patient here, leave us a review by selecting the review site from below. Considering this office? Read our reviews down below!

Dr. Scott Taylor, D.C. Reviews:

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Patient Testimonials

"I recently saw Dr. Taylor and he took great care of me. His staff is nice and friendly. The office is right next to the 202 freeway, very convenient. I would recommend Dr. Taylor to all my family and friends."
Gilbert, AZ
"On July 10th of this year I was in a rear-end car accident.....I began decompression therapy to my neck at the beginning of August and about 2 weeks into the therapy noticed my right hand was no longer swollen, and I started to regain feeling in my fingers. It took about 2 more weeks for the swelling to be completely gone and the feeling in my arm completely restored..I am excited to say I have full use of my arm....I am so pleased with the results I got from doing decompression therapy.."
Denise T.
Mesa, AZ
"After suffering several months with painful sciatica I found Dr Taylor and in 2 weeks of using spinal decompression and his other "tools" I am pretty much pain free. HE is a very caring Doctor who places your needs forefront. I urge anyone suffering from lower back pain to sit down and discuss your care, you won't be sorry!"
Juana M.
Mesa, AZ
"I decided to take time to address an issue of aching in my upper back and in my lower back. The upper back aching generally occurred daily after excessive sitting on the job or lifting heavy objects. My ability to fall asleep and stay asleep was also affected. After 5 sessions with Dr. Taylor and the use of the Dennerol products the pain level in my upper back dropped from a 10 to about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 during my work week. I feel like doing more in the evenings after work and am getting better rest at night..I am looking forward to remaining treatments to continue getting relief..after a long day of work."
Synthia M.
Surprise, AZ
"I'm happy my cousin recommended Dr. Taylor as my chiro Doctor. Before I started the treatments I had very hard time getting out of bed and my chair at work due to lower back pain. Since starting the treatments my lower back pain problem is much better the before. I would recommend southwest spine and rehab to anyone seeking help with pain. Dr. Taylor and the staff gives you A+ service!!"
Tony L.
Queen Creek, AZ
"I'm so glad I found them. Dr. Taylor has help me so much with relieving my back pain. Pain that I had that I thought I was going to have to learn to live with. The office staff are very friendly and nice as well. I would recommend them to anyone."
Vanessa M.
Apache Junction, AZ
"They treat you like family. The care they give is as if we were related. They always are concerned and the results on my body are amazing. Thank you Dr. Taylor."
Annis S.
Apache Junction, AZ
"Dr. Taylor is very good at what he does and honest too! I've been told by other chiropractors that I needed to been seen 3 times a week for my migraines but Dr. Taylor is able to keep me pain free by seeing him once, sometimes twice a month. I'd be hurting without him!"
Joy C.
Gilbert, AZ
"The chiropractor has help me ease my lower back pain. The office personal is friendly and Dr. Taylor is very enthusiastic."
Luis R.
Mesa, AZ
"Dr. Taylor is amazing! Our whole family has been seeing him for years. Appointments are easy to make too."
Michelle R.
Mesa, AZ

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